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Aexzr™ Stunning Metallic Mirror Nail Polish

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Aexzr™ Stunning Metallic Mirror Nail Polish

Lets go big and go chrome to gorgeous, glossy-shine nails with this stunning metallic mirror nail polish!   

This metallic polish is specially formulated to paint the nails beautifully with a silvery, mirror-like sheen finish in just a simple brush. Providing you with an amazingly reflective and a show-stopping, futuristic luxe touch that would literally shine and stand out in the crowd. It can flatter any skin tone and gorgeously set all kinds of outfits to the next rockin’ glam look. The perfect choice for everyday wear and special occasions like dates, festivities, galas, parties, concerts, performance, clubbing, music fest, photoshots, and so on. No worries as it can apply seamlessly on the nails without being runny or creating a mess unlike with other polishes.

The metallic mirror varnish supports a hard wearing quick-drying formula that can stay pretilly on the nails for multiple days. It enables you to wash hands and do your normal shower routine without the paint fading, chipping, and looking dull. This mirror-effect polish is formulated with gentle, salon-grade ingredients that can safely stay on the fingernails or toenails. Preventing the varnish from weakening the nail bed and causing yellow stains, drying, and other possible damages. Simply apply the polish on a clean nail like any other regular nail paint, wait for it to completely air dry, and you can now flaunt it off!  

Elevate your mani-pedi to a reflective, futuristic level at the comfort of your own home with this stunning metallic mirror nail polish!


  • Glossy Mirror-Like Varnish
    A fine-grade, liquid polish that promotes a nice balance of silver chrome pigment and gorgeous high-sheen. Delivering you with a salon-level, reflective mirror effect mani-pedi finish in no time without the complicated process of powder chrome. The perfect polish to glaze onto your nails with an added luxurious touch that’s bound to shine and stand out everywhere.

  • Long-Lasting Effect
    Offers a superior staying power performance and an extra protective layer. It can remain flawlessly on the hand and withstand multiple days of wearing as if it were the first day you applied it. Allowing you to confidently do your everyday tasks like showering and washing without fading, chipping, and looking dull. No worries as this beauty nail polish can safely touch your nails and stay for a prolonged period and not cause a single damage behind. Preventing your fingernails or toenails from yellowing, drying, or worse dying unlike with other harsh polishes. 
  • Highly Fashionable 
    Can flatter any nail shape style and even look beautifully on all skin tones. Making your hands even more attractive and expensively rockin’ that will surely make every lady envy. Its silvery mirror shine can glam you up on dates, festivities, galas, parties, concerts, performance, clubbing, music fest, photoshots, and more possibilities. A great choice to step up your metallic mani-pedis and ditch the boring standard nail pigments.
  • Easy to Apply and Remove 
    Takes the hassle out of time-consuming chrome powder application to give that stellar mirror finish shine. It promotes fine, quick-drying consistency that can be easily applied to the nails without being runny or creating unwanted mess. Simply clean your fingernails/toenails, apply the mirror polish with a few brushes just like your regular polish, wait for a quick minute to dry and set, and you're good to go! 
  • Premium Formulation 
    Formulated with salon-quality, non-toxic solutions and healthy ingredients that strikes an amazing metallic mirror effect in just a glide. It does not contain any harsh chemicals that will soak the nail dry or penetrate deep to thin and damage the nail beds. Moreover, this metallic mirror nail polish is completely odorless so it can be applied anytime, anywhere while ensuring overall safety and health.    


  • Net content: 62g
  • Style: #1 Gold / #2 Rose gold / #3 Romantic pink / #4 X'mas red / #5 Sexy pink / #6 Sweet pink / #7 Purple / #8 Electric pink / #9 Midnight / #10 Blue / #11 Green / #12 Silver


  • 1 x Stunning Metallic Mirror Nail Polish

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