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Cithway™ Free-cut Self-adhesive Cat Scratching Pad

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Cithway™ Free-cut Self-adhesive Cat Scratching Pad

Turn your walls or floors into a safe play area for your lovely feline and use this self-adhesive cat climbing scratch mat!


A roughened stick-on cat mat that can transform any walls and even floors into an acceptable playing area for kittens of any breed. Allowing it to successfully satisfy your cat’s urges to climb and scratch non-stop without the worries of getting your furniture damaged. Suitable for your living room, bedroom, playroom, hallways, or even on sofas, table arms, and such. No worries as this climbing scratch pad has a 4mm thickness that can withstand tearing and breakage. What’s more? It also creates minimal sound even when scratched and climbed on to ensure that your tabby can have endless fun without noise disturbance.    

This self-adhesive cat pad can serve as a great tool for keeping your furry friend well-exercised, flexible, and even heightening their senses. It also helps in alleviating stress and maintaining their claws sharp, healthy, and clean. The furniture-saving scratch mat features a powerful back adhesion that can securely hold on the surface to prevent slipping and removal. You can also peel them off anytime without leaving sticky residues and marks behind. Additionally, it adopts an easy trimmable design that you can DIY to your needed shape and size to fit seamlessly even on corners. Available in different trendy colors that can blend stylishly with a luxe feel for any home decor!     

Keep your furniture free from any scratch attack with this wall-mounted cat climbing scratch pad!


  • Cat Climbing Scratch Mat
    A furniture-saving mat covered with rough materials that would surely pique the interest of your pet felines of any breeds. It can be easily mounted on walls and serve as a climbing area for your active furry friend while offering them a pure scratching pleasure and enjoyment. No worries as this pad is expertly designed to enable cats to use their retractable claws for gripping securely onto it without issues. It also has a 4mm thickness that promotes an excellent resistance to tear and damage even after a long continuous scratching and climbing. What’s more? It supplies a great sound reduction effect so they can satisfy their needs and endless fun without causing any sort of noise disturbance. Making it the best solution to keep your kitten happy and your furniture, rugs, curtains, and walls protected from unwanted scratch-attacks and rips.  


  • Multiple Health Benefits
    Does not only quench your tabby’s urges to climb, scratch, and play, but it also promotes various benefits for their overall health. It helps them stretch and keep their bodies strong, flexible, and their other senses in tip-top condition as they climb regularly. The sticky mat also serves as a good tool for maintaining your cat’s claws and keeping them healthy through scratching. Moreover, it also allows your lovely feline to reduce stress, alleviate boredom, and successfully release built-up emotions and energy without sacrificing your furniture anymore! 
  • Multi-Scene Usage
    Adopts a superior back adhesive that can hold firmly on almost all flat surface types. Suitable for ceramic tiles, marble, PVC plastic, vinyl flooring, metal, laminate, wood, concrete, and such. It can be stuck up on walls or be laid flatly against floors without repositioning, slipping or being removed even with your cat’s non-stop play and scratching. This cat mat adheres evenly and it does not take up space unlike with the regular scratchers and cat climbing tower. Perfect for walls and floors in the living room, bedroom, playroom, hallways, or even on sofas and other furniture. It comes in different trendy colors that can blend stylishly with an added luxurious feel on any home decoration. Available in beige, light grey and dark grey.

  • Easy Peel and Stick Installation
    Effectively makes every wall or floor an excellent climbing and scratching haven for your lovely kitten in no time. Simply wipe the wall or floor area clean and completely dry, peel-off the protective adhesive film, mount the mat in place, add as many as you like to provide a bigger area for your cat, and that's it! The cat mat has a convenient trimmable feature that can be easily adjusted to your needed size and shape using scissors. Ideal for corners or any angled area to ensure that you can stick them anywhere without leaving any bare space. You can also remove it anytime with ease and speed without messy residues or damages left behind.  

  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality, non-toxic material that boasts an impressive durability and special adhesiveness. It is also cleanly interlinked to ensure that it can be climbed and scratched on endlessly without the fabric fibers fraying and damaging. Additionally, the self-adhesive cat mat can be safely used and played without harming the cat’s claws or getting stuck unlike with other products. Ideal for cats of different breeds and even for kittens or senior cats.


  • Size: 30x100cm
  • Color: Light grey / Dark grey / Beige


  • 1 x Free-cut Self-adhesive Cat Scratching Pad

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