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Aexzr™ Elegant Rhinestone Tassel Hair Clip

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Aexzr™ Elegant Rhinestone Tassel Hair Clip

Make your hair look even more dreamy and sparkly with this elegant rhinestone tassel hair clip!

A timeless hair clip accessory that is stylishly studded with stunning rhinestones, classic white pearls, and creative tassel drop flare. Allowing you to turn your basic hair bun or ponytail hairstyle with an added sprinkle of elegance and glamor. Available in different majestic design selections that would surely be loved including bunny ears, cat ears, lady cat, mermaid tail and angel wings. All hair clip styles can boast a sparkly effect at any angle and when it hits with any light sources. Moreover, they can stylishly level up the overall look and blend on any fit aesthetics. Suitable for dating, school, parties, Christmas, weddings, themed birthdays, travels, and such.     

This sparkly rhinestone tassel hair clip is ideally lightweight that the wearer won’t even feel it on to ensure an overall glam and high-comfort. Each clip design supports an excellent gripping that won’t slip off or loosen all day long. It can successfully hold the tresses in place even as your kid runs, dances, and plays around without the need for constant re-tying anymore. No worries as the stylish tassel clip promotes a snug, secured fit while still remaining gentle to the locks and painless for the wearer. It can perfectly accommodate children and adults with mid to long hair length of different volumes and hair types. Made with premium materials that promises a long-lasting usage without wearing-off.

Add a stylish wow-factor to your kid’s hairstyle and use this elegant rhinestone tassel hair clip!


  • Fashionable Tassel Hair Clip
    An exquisitely designed hair clip that's covered with stunning rhinestones and real-like precious pearls with a creative tassel drop flare. It comes with ergonomic clip teeth that hold nicely and fix to keep hair neat and tidy while still delivering an excellent stylish touch to your look. Moreover, this elegant tassel hair clip can majestically sparkle at any angle and when it hits with any light sources. It can also cutely sway and dance as you/ your kids move around which makes their hairstyle even more of a head-turner and glamorous. Available in different cutely modish design selections that would surely be loved by your youngsters, including bunny ears, cat ears, lady cat, mermaid tail, and angel wings.  

  • High-Comfort Wear
    This sophisticated rhinestone tassel clip can put your hairstyle into the next level of glam while still ensuring overall comfort wearing experience. Each hair clip design is super lightweight that you won’t even feel or remember that they have it on. Furthermore, the clip also boasts sturdy teeth that hold and glide gently through the tresses to prevent unwanted hair damages. It also guarantees to provide a stylish fit without painful tugging, pulling or poking on the scalp. Making it the perfect fashionable clip to sweep your hair to and be worn on all throughout the day. 

  • Smart Anti-Slip Design
    Features a secured and powerful gripping effect that would keep your hair bun or ponytail hairstyle fixed in place all day long. It eliminates the risk of slipping off and loosening out of place even as you move around. No more messy loose bun, fly away stray strands, and the need to constantly re-tie your child’s hair every minute anymore. This rhinestone hair clip can accommodate mid to long hair length with different volumes and hair types. No worries as it also promises to hold on stably without being too tight to cause discomfort.  

  • Multi-Scene Use
    Can fashionably blend to any outfit aesthetics. All hair clip styles can even lovingly enhance and bedazzle your kids overall hair look and ensemble. Suitable for at-home use or when out at school, parties, holidays, christmas, weddings, ceremonies, dance competition, stage plays, themed birthdays, travels, and more possibilities. The rhinestone tassel hair clip can be added to bun hairstyle, ponytail or half bun for children, teenagers or even adults. 

  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality, non-toxic gold plated material with faux sparkly rhinestones and pearls. It also promotes remarkable durability that can withstand several years of repeated wear without damaging, snapping, discoloration, and rusting. This elegant rhinestone tassel hair clip does not contain any sharp materials and is also completely odorless. 


  • Material: Gold plated alloy, rhinestones, pearls
  • Style: #1 Cat ears / #2 Bunny ears / #3 Lady Cat / #4 Mermaid / #5 Angel wings


  • 1 x Elegant Rhinestone Tassel Hair Clip

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