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Cithway™ Elastic Waist Phone Bag

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Cithway™ Elastic Waist Phone Bag

Bring along your phone without the troubles of holding it all the time using this ultra-slim phone holder waist belt bag!

A travel-friendly mini phone belt bag that is specially-designed to tote your mobile accessible and easily ready in a pinch at all times. It also adopts an elastic band that acts as a handy extra holder for storing in other items like powerbank and slim wallet. What’s more? This mobile bag features a clip-on type that can easily attach in a secured grip on pants waist, bag strap, inner bag pockets, and clothes. Eliminating the risk and worries of unclasping or completely falling off even as you make excessive movements. Making it the best companion for a hands-free, comfortable travel, cycling, hiking, jogging, shopping, strolling by the beach, concert, clubbing, malling, dog walking and such.    

This clip-on phone bag has a slim style that stays perfectly discreet and can even be stashed inside pants for a complete invisible look. The mobile holder also prevents unwanted awkward poking and movement obstruction unlike with other products. Furthermore, it supports a bounce-free design that enables the user to run, jump, dance, and move around with overall safety and comfort. It offers an excellent elasticity that can stretch and accommodate different phone sizes of various models and brands in a snug fit. Made with premium, non-scratching nylon fabric that boasts a long-term usage and washes without wearing-off.      

Keep your device snug secure to your skin anytime with this ultra-slim phone holder waist belt bag!


  • Hands-Free Phone Holding
    A mini specialized belt bag that is expertly-crafted to conveniently store your mobile in a secured grip and take it anytime, anywhere completely hands-free! Featuring a single room that takes in your phone lovingly which guarantees that it can tightly stay in place without damaging or disrupting your device operating system. This phone belt also adopts a soft-to-touch and super smooth fabric to prevent unwanted scratching even as you swiftly put the mobile in or take it out. Furthermore, it also provides an elastic band that acts as an extra storage which can hold power banks and slim wallets. Making it an ideal companion so you can store your phone in one accessible place without the hassle of searching it through the depths of your bag when needed.   

  • Secured Phone Gripping
    This handy mobile holder supplies a smart clip-on type that can be smoothly slipped in through your pants waist and removed anytime without snagging. No worries as it supports a fixed gripping that ensures to keep your mobile unbudging and safe inside. Eliminating it from the risk of unclasping and falling off even as you make excessive movements like walking, running, jumping, dancing, hiking, and such. Lastly, it has a bounce-free design which enables you to confidently move around. The phone bag’s clip style also boasts an excellent versatility that can be attached to outside or inside the pant’s waists, bag straps, inner bag pockets, clothes, and so on. 

  • Comfortable and Invisible Wear
    The phone waist belt bag is super light that it can hold your device without weighing you down. It also offers an ultra-slim design that makes it nicely discreet and even allows it to be tucked inside the pants for a more invisible look when you're out in crowded places. Moreover, this mobile holder bag can be clipped and carried in without causing awkward poking or movement obstruction unlike with other products. Providing you an all day long high-comfort hands-free experience. Great when you’re out for travels, cycling, hiking, jogging, shopping, strolling by the beach, dog walking, concerts, clubbing, malling, and more possibilities.  

  • Universal Fit Design
    This slim phone belt promotes an incredible elasticity that can stretch nicely to store your mobile in a snug, secured fitting. It can accommodate different phone sizes of various models and brands, including Apple, Samsung, Nokia, and so on. The belt bag can even hold your device with a slim phone case so you don’t have to constantly remove and put them on. What’s more? It has an easy velcro snap opening and closing which lets the user swiftly put in and take out the device one-handedly with no issues.   

  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-grade, smooth nylon fabric material with remarkable non-harming phone gripping performance. It also has great wear-and-tear quality that guarantees to hold out against several years of everyday usage without damaging, snagging, loosening, and such. Additionally, this phone holder waist belt bag is perfectly breathable to freely circulate air through and prevent heat build up and the risk of overheating device. It can also be simply hand washed or stashed inside a washing machine just like your regular clothes to keep it clean and hygienic.


    • Material: Nylon
    • Size: 7.8 x 16.5cm (elastic fabric)


    • 1 x Cithway™ Elastic Waist Phone Bag

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