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Cithway™ Any-Shape Pan Kitchen Handle Cover

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Cithway™ Any-Shape Pan Kitchen Handle Cover

Keep your hands away from the nasty burns and discomfort while cooking with this anti-scalding rubber pull pan handle cover!

A must-have kitchen arsenal that can successfully transform almost all cookware handles with reliable heat-resistant abilities. Providing your hands an optimal protection from high temperature to prevent unwanted scalding, burns, and other possible heat injury or discomfort. It adopts an easy one-pull installation which enables it to naturally conform to the shape of different handle styles with a seamless fitting. Suitable for various cooking pans handles, kitchenware handles or even for door lever handles, and more possibilities. No worries as it does not melt, deform or shrink even after flame exposure or maximum cooking temperature!  

This anti-scalding handle rubber cover promotes an ideally soft-to-touch feature and non-slip qualities for better control and secured gripping. It supports a form-fitting design and is lightweight enough to stay utterly comfortable on the hands even after a prolonged period. Moreover, the flexible cover boasts the perfect tightness to keep it from slipping out from the handle when used. Made with premium, food-grade material that promises a long-term utilization without wearing-off or causing toxic leaching. 

Make every cooking experience even more enjoyable and overall safe using this anti-scalding rubber pull pan handle cover!


  • Protective Handle Cover
    A highly insulating kitchen accessory that is specially designed to transform most cookware handles with an impressive heat-resistant protection. It can naturally cover any material, including your favorite cast-iron pan handles and successfully stops extreme heat from escaping and transferring. Making it a great safety cooking companion to prevent scalding, burns, and other possible injury or discomfort. This cover can withstand even the maximum cooking temperature and exposure to flame without melting, deformation, shrinking, and burning.   

  • Comfortable to Hold
    This anti-scalding handle cover supplies smooth and soft-to-touch features which makes it more comfortable for the palm. Furthermore, it also has excellent non-slip qualities to deliver that much-needed secured gripping and maximum maneuverability. It can be held even with wet or those sweatiest of palms while remaining non-slippery to hold. The cover can fit into the handle without being too thick or weighing the pan down. Allowing it to be held anytime, even for prolonged periods of cooking without experiencing hand fatigue, cramping, and such.   

  • Easy One-Pull Installation
    The heat protective handle cover makes installation even easier and quicker thanks to its one-pull method design. Simply slide to insert the cover through the handle with the tip of the label sticker facing you, gently pull the sticker tab for the cover to tightly hold and fit on the handle, and done. No worries as it can stay reliably in one place so you can cook with more control and avoid any sort of accidents due to the cover slipping off.

  • Wide Application
    This one-pull handle cover can effectively create a satisfying form-fitting performance and high-flexibility that conforms to the shape of different pan handles styles. Suitable for making any handle anti-scalding, including cooking pans, kitchenware handles, door lever handles, and more possibilities. It does not create any damages, unwanted marks, and sticky residues. It does not need to be removed and can be hand washed or dishwashed after each use without loosening the gripping hold.

  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality, food-grade rubber material that boasts superior heat-resistant effect and secured gripping. It can handle multiple years of everyday usage and exposure to extreme heat without wearing-off. This anti-scalding handle cover is completely odorless and it does not leach any toxic chemical to ensure overall safety and health. 
  • Material: Silicone
  • Size: 

  • 1 x Cithway™ Any-Shape Pan Kitchen Handle Cover

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