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AEXZR™ Professional Hair Styling Wax Stick

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AEXZR™ Professional Hair Styling Wax Stick

Effortlessly style even the messiest of strands and create that chic, slicked-back model look using this hair styling wax stick!

A high-grade and fool-proof wax stick that is packed with a special blend to deliver an effortless, gorgeous hair styling and shaping effect. Allowing it to naturally smooth out and hold unwanted stray locks, irregular hair, fringes, flyaways, breakage, and messy strands that need to be controlled. It supports a long-lasting effect that can keep your hairstyle looking neat and perfect all day long even on the windiest of days. What’s more? This hair wax supplies an incredible moisturizing feature that effectively hydrates and nourishes the strand to avoid dryness and breakage. Making it a great hair-styler to achieve that chic pony, sleek brushed up, slicked-back buns, and flawlessly pulled-back hairstyles.  

This hair tidying wax is expertly-formulated to hold and provide texture to the locks without causing any dandruff-like flaking and stiffening. It even ensures that to smoothen locks with a non-greasy and soft to touch finish. Additionally, the wax stick comes in a lightweight, push-pop container that can be easily applied and maneuvered to your needs. You can neatly tote it in while still saving up more space for other stuff. Suitable for at-home hair styling and shaping or when you're out for work, vacation, business trips, travels, hotels, parties, galas, proms, and more possibilities. Made of premium, hair-friendly ingredients that can be safely applied for everyday use for all hair-types.

Keep stray strands and flyways gorgeously tamed at all times with just a sweep of this professional hair styling wax stick! 


  • Perfect Hair Shaping Effect
    A hair-stylist approved wax stick that is expertly formulated to smoothly glide along the hairline or stray strands and delivers an excellent holding power. Allowing it to naturally swoop the locks in place to your desired direction for an effortless, gorgeous styling and shaping performance at all times. Moreover, this wax stick can effectively smoothen out different hair types, irregular hair, baby bangs, fringes, flyaways, breakage, and other messy strands that need to be controlled. Making it the best hair styling assistant to achieve that neat ponytail, sleek brushed up look, slicked-back buns, and other perfectly pulled-back celeb-worthy hairstyles. 

  • Soft and Non-greasy Finish
    This ultimate hair styling stick is blended with natural ingredients that promises to provide the best smooth out effect and hair control without the wax drying off. It enables you to confidently style and create texture with not a single dandruff-like flaking or unsightly hard cast effect that leaves the hair feeling stiff and clump up. Furthermore, the wax styling stick can also hold messy strays without that awkward oily residue unlike with other products. Great for giving out that modelesque, pristine hair look while still staying super soft to touch and non-greasy. 

  • Long-Lasting Styling
    The pro-styling hair wax adopts an incredible holding power that can successfully keep your tresses beautifully chic and neat all day long. It can nicely sweep sticking out strands naturally flat and in style even on the windiest of days while remaining unbudging. Saving you from the worries of frizziness, unwanted flyaways, stray strands sticking out, and unwanted hair poking on your face and eyes no matter the weather. This hair stick also boasts remarkable moisturizing quality that especially locks in essential nourishment and hydration to your parching locks for that healthy shine. It allows the wax to be safely used for a prolonged period without the risk of getting the strands dry and damaged. 

  • Ergonomic Design
    This long-lasting hair control stick is packed in a smart, push-pop design that can smoothly raise the wax in just a simple press at the bottom. It has an ideally lightweight feature and a non-slip body that can be securely and comfortably grip for that maximum hair styling maneuverability. Its handy style also enables the user to effortlessly apply anytime without directly touching the product and dirtying the hands anymore. Additionally, the hair shaping wax can fit neatly inside handbags, shoulder bags, pouches, tote, and such without taking up too much space. A great hair styler that can assist you at-home or even when you’re out for work, vacation, business trips, travels, hotels, parties, galas, proms, and more possibilities.  

  • Premium Quality
    Formulated with the highest-quality, all-natural ingredients that promotes a long-lasting, non-greasy hair styling and control. It is 100% safe for everyday use and all hair types, including straight hair, wavy, curly, coil, and even for damaged hair, frizzy hair, and such. This styling wax stick also supplies fine, wax-like consistency that can easily control tresses into various shapes without the messy drips, stickiness, and so on. Lastly, it is completely odor-free to ensure that it can be used at all times without the funky scent or harmful chemical smell transferring along the scalp and locks.


    • Hair Type: All Hair Types
    • Product Form: Paste
    • Beauty Purpose: Shine Enhancing, Strengthening, Texturizing, Smoothing
    • Weight: 2.65oz


    • 1 x AEXZR™ Professional Hair Styling Wax Stick

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