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Aexzr™ Multi-Purpose Press On Nail Gel Set

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Aexzr™ Multi-Purpose Press On Nail Gel Set

Get your mani-pedi the perfect extension touch-ups and bedazzled using this multi-purpose instant gluing press on nail gel!

A complete nail beauty kit consisting of nail gel, UV light, and a set of artificial nails that lets you create salon-level press-on mani-pedi look! The gel glue boasts a powerful, long-lasting (~28days!) hold that can withstand everyday tasks and exposure to any liquids without budging. It also features high-flexibility for a much precise and easier application while remaining completely non-flowing and mess-free. No worries as it is light on the hand even when cured and is ideally transparent to stay hidden underneath any faux nail for a seamless finish. Suitable for acrylic nails, extensions, carving 3D nail arts, applying rhinestones, crystals, and other nail adornment you'd like to add. 

100% safe to be applied on even to those with delicate natural nails to keep them healthy and undamaged. Furthermore, the gel glue does not emit any funky, toxic smell and it promotes great bonding without sticking or harming the skin. Simply prep your nail clean, press the artificial nail on  with gel glue, cure for 60 sec using UV light and done! The perfect beauty nail helper set for beginners, professional nail artists, DIYers, salons, nail fashionista, and so on. 

Keep those stunning DIY faux nails stay on as long as possible with this multi-purpose instant gluing press on nail gel!


  • Mani-Pedi Glue Gel
    A gel-formulated nail glue featuring quick and powerful bonding qualities that enables you to effectively adhere acrylic nails or gel extensions to your natural nail. Allowing you to create a salon-level stylish press-on nail look on the comfort of your couch or anywhere you are with great ease and speed. This nail gel is specially made to feel lightweight on your nails to provide better comfort and prevent movement restrictions or stiffness. Moreover, it is flexible enough to be applied easily while remaining non-flowing for a quick, mess-free nail prep and press extensions. No worries as the glue gel is completely transparent to make it look clearly hidden underneath any faux nail for that stunning seamless finish. What’s more? It comes in a complete kit of nail gel glue, UV light, and a set of trendy artificial nails.     

  • Wide Range Of Usage
    Can work safely and expertly for creating a wide range of DIY creative nail looks. Suitable for adhering acrylic nails, faux nail tips, nail extensions, or carving 3D nail arts and such. You can even get extra artistic with it and try it out for applying rhinestones, glitter diamonds, and other beauty nail decor. Making it the perfect glue gel to achieve those gorgeous nails that would make everyone envy without the need to go through a salon or nail artists! 

  • Long-Lasting Gluing Effect
    Comes in a hard state gel with a flexible, rubber-like texture that adopts an impressive staying power. It can dry-off quickly into a tough gel and create a remarkable adhering effect that will secure your faux nail on with not a single budge. This glue gel can withstand exposure to extreme temperature, water, moisture, and even your daily tasks like washing dishes without loosening viscosity. Additionally, it allows your pretty faux nails to last through it all for multiple weeks while staying flawlessly in place and keeping your natural nails healthy and unharmed.

  • Quick and Easy DIY Application
    Can be directly applied to your nails and adhered without any more complicated formula mixing needed. Simply prep your nail clean, press the artificial nail on  with gel glue, cure for 60 sec using UV light and done! The press-on gel nail is applicable for both UV/LED curing and it does not bubble up or whiten unlike with other glues.
  • Premium Formulation
    Formulated with the highest quality, non-toxic ingredients that boasts a long-lasting secured hold and excellent non-flowing flexibility. It is ideally odorless and doesn’t stick to the skin even with its powerful adhesive capabilities. Furthermore, it is easier to operate and can be repositioned to your desire before curing. This multi-purpose nail gel glue and UV light are perfectly harmless to the skin and your natural nails. 


  1. Polish and clean your nails first
  2. Apply base coat and cured (Optional, for the most long-lasting result)
  3. Scoop a proper amount of gel with the back of your faux nail.
  4. Place it on top of the nail and adjust by gently pressing down to the tip until it fits on the nail surface.
  5. Cure it for ~60 seconds using the included UV light
  6. Repeat until all nails are done! 


  • Net weight(glue):10g
  • Nail set: Standard 24pcs
  • Style: #1 First love / #2 Luxury / #3 Coffee / #4 Elegant / #5 Classic French nail / #6 Almond French nail
  • UV light size: 13x6.5x1.7cm
  • UV light charging port: USB


  • 1 x Portable UV light
  • 1 x Nail gel glue (10g)
  • 1 x Press-on Nails (24pcs)

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