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Aexzr™ No-heat Hair Silicone Curler Set(10/20pcs)

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Aexzr™ No-heat Hair Silicone Curler Set(10/20pcs)

Rock those perfect beachy waves without the heat using only this professional hair silicone curlers set!

A professional-grade 10/20 pcs curler set that can transform your dull tresses into a salon-quality mermaid wave hair look totally heat-free. Saving you from the risk of hair iron curling and its unsightly heat damages like bristling, drying, and fallouts. No worries as these silicone curlers deliver a long-lasting, bouncy curl effect without the need for re-curling and hair spraying. Simply open the curler, part your damp hair into small portions, wrap the hair around the curler, then close the silicone curler. After that, just wait for your tresses to dry off, remove the curlers to reveal those stunning wavy locks, and all done. Suitable for straight and slightly wavy hair with different lengths and volumes.            

The heatless hair curlers adopt a hair-friendly design to provide you gorgeously defined curls while remaining extra-gentle for your locks. What’s more? All curlers do not create frizz or painful tugging to ensure that you can use them anytime even without experiencing any sort of hair breakage. They also support a secured hold that will keep your tresses from slipping out even as you move around while waiting. Features compact size allowing you to tote the curlers and get that nicely curled hairstyle anytime, anywhere you are. Made with medical-grade soft silicone that boasts to last an endless reusability and washes without deforming and damaging. 

Say hello to a damage-free, bouncy curl look with this professional no-heat hair silicone curlers set! 


  • Magic Heatless Hair Curlers
    A 10 piece set of silicone hair curlers that comes with 5pcs large size curlers and 5pcs small size curlers. These beauty hair tools work by providing you an easier non-thermal solution to successfully shape your locks in a nice defined curl/spiral. Delivering you that long-lasting, salon-quality mermaid wave hair look with a healthy, gorgeous bounce! Saving you from the complicated hair iron curling that only weakens and leaves unsightly heat damages to your tresses like hair bristling, drying, and fallouts.   

  • Quick and Easy Curling
    Can magically transform your dull-looking tresses into stunning waves with just a few easy steps! Simply open the silicone curler, part your damp hair into small portions, roll it around the curler, close the silicone to secure, repeat until all locks are curled. After that, just blow dry it or wait to air dry, remove the silicone curlers to reveal natural-like beautifully curly locks. No more unnecessary extra tools needed and complicated clipping anymore! The curlers are plenty enough to work on hairs with different volume and lengths. The set also consists of small and large curler types which can suit a variety of hair types, including straight and slightly wavy hair.     

  • Hair-Friendly Design
    Do not contain any sharp or harmful edges and materials. Each piece is also expertly-crafted to bring out the best curls while still remaining extra-gentle to your stands. Allowing them to be confidently used even for those with delicate or weak hair without causing unwanted hair breakage. Furthermore, these curlers can come into contact with the tresses with not a single friction to prevent frizziness. Lastly, they also do not snag and can be smoothly removed with no painful hair pulling.

  • Secured Hair Grip
    These pro-curling hair silicone tools can be securely locked on your tresses and stay unbudging in place. It enables you to freely move around while waiting without the curlers constantly slipping or completely falling off. Moreover, their strong hold also ensures that not a single strand could slip out and will be left uncurled. 

  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality and hair-loving medical-grade soft silicone material with an excellent durability. All pieces promise to withstand years of reusability and washes without deforming, damaging, and wearing-off. They are 100% odorless and can safely come into contact with the tresses without harming your hair health. What’s more? These heatless curlers are lightweight and can be easily tote using the included bag so you can achieve that stunning curled hairstyle anytime, anywhere you are! 


  • Material: Silicone
  • Size: 4x4.5cm(large); 3.5x4cm(small)
  • Color: Pink / Blue / Black


  • Magic Hair Curlers 10-piece Set
    • 5 x Large
    • 5 x Small
  • Magic Hair Curlers 20-piece Set
    • 10 x Large
    • 10 x Small

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