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Luxury Polygel Nail Kit

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Luxury Polygel Nail Kit

Have the perfect DIY mani-pedi to step up your nail game using this easy luxe nail extension polygel kit! 🔮

This beauty nail kit comes with everything you need to turn your bland, faded tips into beautifully extended polygel nails in no time. It allows you to freely shape and lengthen your mani or pedi at the comfort of your home with just a simple applying, sculpting and curing. Saving you from the expensive and time-consuming bi-weekly trips in the salon! No worries as the polygel is fast-drying and it is also easier to control and shape to your liking with the help of the included nail forms. Making it a perfect, handy nail kit for all beginners, DIYers, professionals, nail artists, and various nail salons.  

The polygel is exquisitely developed with an upgraded combination of acrylic’s durability and gel’s elasticity, elegance and shine. It can last for a month and longer without chipping, cracking, or falling off. Suitable for creating long-lasting glitter nails, inlay nails, rhinestone nails, encapsulated nails, dry flower nails and such. Moreover, the sculpted polygel tips are lightweight and it mimics the natural feel of real nails to make them more natural. It does not weigh your hands down nor create any restrictions and discomfort while doing your daily task. What’s more? The polygel is made with nail-loving ingredients which can be confidently used frequently without damaging your real nails and cuticles.    

Have an at-home salon-like nail enhancement with only this easy luxe nail extension polygel kit!


  • All-in-One Luxe Nail Kit  🔮
    A luxurious poly nail gel kit that comes with everything you need, including 15ml polygel, 30ml slip solution, nail clip, brush, nail file, base coat, 10 nail forms, and so on. Allowing you to create beautifully extended nails at the comfort of your home anytime you like or need switching. Saving you from the frequent, expensive nail salon visiting only for it to crack and get damaged quickly. No worries as the polygel is formulated with premium ingredients that offers a stunning, glossy finish to revive your nails flat, dull look.

  • Quick and Easy Nail Extensions  🔮
    The polygel supplies easy building qualities which allows you to successfully shape and add your prefered length in no time. It is even fast-drying so you can cure it without the formed nails getting ruined or misshapen for only 45 to 60 seconds. Simply trim and clean your natural nail first then apply a proper amount of base coat on it. Choose the appropriate nail form that will suit your nails, apply the polygel to the nail form and spread and sculpt it to your desired length using the included brush. After that, put it on your real nails, wait for it to dry up then remove the nail form. Trim and file it according to your desired shape, apply a top coat then cure it using a UV lamp and you're done! You can now make professional-like nail extensions in a breeze with only our luxe polygel kit! Ideal for beginners, nail artists, DIYers, professionals, salons and such.

  • Comfortable and Long-Lasting  🔮
    This fine DIY polygel is also known as a hybrid gel, or a combined formula of acrylic nails and gel nails. Making it more stronger, flexible and naturally gorgeous looking than other extensions which will surely make every lady envy. The sculpted extension gels provide a highly lightweight finish that you won’t even feel on your real fingernails or toenails. Preventing it from weighing your hands down or causing restrictions and discomfort. Moreover, the polygel’s durability can perfectly last for a month or longer without chipping, cracking, falling off or losing shine unlike other products. 

  • Wide Application  🔮
    The polygel comes in a handy tube that smoothly deposited the colors directly onto your nails or the nail form. Furthermore, its impressive versatility allows it to be used in creating glitter nails, inlay nails, rhinestone nails, encapsulated nails, dry flower nails and more possibilities. It can also be easily controlled and be sculpted into various nail types, including oval, almond, square, coffin, french, stiletto shapes and so on. Available in a plethora of lovely shades to have fun with!

  • Premium Material  🔮
    Made of high-quality, non-toxic ingredients that are developed with your safety and natural nails health in mind. It contains a subtle scent compared to the traditional polish to ensure that you can use it for a prolonged period without causing headaches. Additionally, the polygel does not dry or harm your real nails and cuticles so it can confidently apply and extend your nails about every 2 weeks.  
  • Nail gel weight: 15ml
  • 1 x Polygel Nail Color Gel
  • 1 x Slip Solution
  • 1 x Nail Brush
  • 1 x Nail Stick
  • 1 x Polisher
  • 10 x Nail extensioners

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