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Cithway™ Long-Wearing Black Liquid Rhinestone Pen Eyeliner

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Cithway™ Long-Wearing Black Liquid Rhinestone Pen Eyeliner

Make your eyes stand out more and instantly enhance your overall look with this black liquid rhinestone pen eyeliner!

A magic beauty liner pen that stunningly delivers a pigmented-rich, perfect eye lining with a nice, mess-free finish in just a few strokes. It enables you to effortlessly create various eye aesthetics and make your natural shape more gorgeously enlarged or alluringly sharp. Furthermore, this liquid eyeliner even helps to provide a fuller, wispy lashes effect thanks to its naturally darker formulation. Suitable for a neat, subtle look or a thickened bolder touch, including wing liner, cat-eye, clean girl eyeliner, doll-eye, k-pop style, party glam, and so on. No worries as it can also be easily and swiftly rub off using any makeup remover without the need for painful scrubbing anymore!

This liquid eyeliner is packed in an elegant rose shape cover and sparkly rhinestone body for that extra glam and luxe touch while applying. It provides an ultra-thin precision tip that glides smoothly like a dream on any skin and eye contour without issues. It also boasts a non-slip, ergonomic design and releases a consistent, uninterrupted lining for a much neater application and optimal control. The rhinestone pen eyeliner adopts a superior staying power that can remain flawless all day and night long without a budge or smudge. What’s more? It can impressively resist sweat, sebum, tears, rain, and other liquids!  

Create a variety of defined, eye line everyday looks with just a few strokes using this black liquid rhinestone pen eyeliner!


  • Gorgeous Eye Lining Effect
    A liquid-based eyeliner that strikes the perfect blend of high-pigmented dark black color which delivers a fine, precise bold lining in just a flick of your hand. Allowing it to give the eyes a more striking detail which helps to make it more beautifully enlarged or alluringly sharp. Moreover, it does not only enhance the contour of the eyes, but it also offers a more naturally volumized lashes effect thanks to its darker formulation. Providing you the best, quality liquid liner that can go on for a neat, subtle look or a fully intense line by applying extra stroke for your desired thickness. Suitable for wing liner, doll-eye look, clean girl eye aesthetic, cat-eye, douyin makeup, k-pop style, party glam, and more possibilities. 

  • Ergonomic Design
    This makeup beauty liquid liner comes with a luxe rose shape cover and stunning rhinestone body that takes glam to the next level. It supports a comfortably light feature and non-slip, easy-to-held body for a secured gripping and maximum control. The eyeliner supplies an ultra-thin precision tip that glides smoothly and neatly on any skin-types like a dream! It enables you to swiftly line along from inner to outer corner of any eye shape totally mess-free without a problem. No worries as it consistently releases a well-pigmented and uninterrupted liquid lining to prevent any sort of blocking or unwanted bleeding. Great for beginners, makeup enthusiasts, professional artists, salon, cosplayers, and so on. 

  • Long-Wearing Performance
    The stunning rhinestone eyeliner adopts an exceptional permanence that boats a long-lasting performance. It can endure a whole day and night while remaining nicely pigmented and stays flawlessly unbudging in place. This liquid liner also has remarkable waterproofing quality that can withstand sweat, tears, sebum, and rain without smudging, fading, bleeding, and such. It allows you to confidently rock your perfect wing with little to no retouch needed anymore even on rainy or the hottest of days. It is also super lightweight that it feels invisible on the skin so you can wear it for an extended use with no discomfort. What’s more? This rhinestone black liner even dries out almost instantly to ensure that it won’t budge and smudge just after application.  

  • Mild and Easy Removal
    This long-wearing black eyeliner is expertly made that goes on as smooth and gentle while remaining a true pure, deep black pigmentation. It can be effortlessly and speedily removed from the skin with only a swipe using any makeup remover or oils. Saving you from the harsh remover chemicals or the need for back and forth scrubbing only to end up with painful redness and messy spread out residues.    


  • All-Natural Formulation
    Formulated with the highest-grade, dermatologists-tested non-toxic ingredients with stunning natural black pigmentation and superior staying power. It can be safely used regularly and lines gently on different skin-types without causing irritations, itchiness, eye stinging, and other discomfort. Furthermore, this liquid rhinestone pen eyeliner is ideally odorless and can last for a year without clumping, drying out, and losing its vivid color.


  • Item Form: Liquid Eyeliner
  • Special Selling Point: Waterproof,Long-wearing,Transfer-proof
  • Color Tone: Black
  • Weight: 2.5g


  • 1 x Cithway™ Long-Wearing Black Liquid Rhinestone Pen Eyeliner

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