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Cithway™ Holographic Cable Organizer & Protector

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Cithway™ Holographic Cable Organizer & Protector

Keep your cables on tip-top shape and free from the susceptible damage of everyday usage using this 2-in-1 mobile cord protector!

A must-have cord protector that hugs lovingly at the end of your charging cable to promote an exceptional layer of stiffness and defense. It enables you to confidently use your cord without worrying about fraying, bending, breaking, and disconnecting due to being worn off. Its protective qualities also helps to prevent any sort of electric/current leakage, malfunctioning, and short circuiting. The mobile cable protector offers a handy strap ring which allows you to loop and fix the cord for a much easier and organized storing. Saving you from the tangled cord mess that only causes further damages. 

This 2-in-1 cord protector adopts a built-in anti-skid groove design that allows it to stay securely in place to avoid constant repositioning. Moreover, it can safely remain on the cord so you can store anytime and neatly place your charger inside bags without taking up space. Great whether you're at-home or out for work, business trip, vacation, travel, camping, and so on. The clever cord protector provides a close-fitting to any devices’ charging or connector cable of different models and brands. Made with premium silicone that guarantees to hold out against several years of cord protection without deforming and wearing-off. 

No more unwanted cord damages and fraying with this  2-in-1 mobile charging cord protector! 


  • 2-in-1 Design 
    A handy mobile cord protector that hugs at the end where the cord meets the plug to provide an added layer of stiffness and the best defense to cable failure. Eliminating the common risk of fraying, bending, breaking, twisting, and disconnecting due to worn off cord. Allowing you to successfully increase the lifespan of your charging cable to triple unlike with other products that only break easily. Moreover, this protector comes with a strap ring that lets you neatly loop and fix the cord in no time for a much organized and safer storing. Keeping your cable from being a tangled mess when not used which also adds to the chances of damage.   

  • Excellent Leakage Prevention
    Expertly-designed to prevent any sort of electric/current leakage and short circuiting. It holds tightly to the end area to keep cord wire together and free from fraying and slipping out which leads to malfunctioning and electric shocks. Furthermore, the protector offers low thermal conductivity which enables it to retain structure and resist heat. Thus, it can stay perfectly on your charger even as you power boost or not without overheating, melting, deforming, or worse causing fire hazard.
  • Universal Compatibility
    Can fit seamlessly into any devices’ charging or connector cable, including to your smartphones and tablets of any brands and models. It also supplies a built-in anti-skid groove that holds securely to the cord to avoid unwanted slipping or repositioning. No worries it adopts long-term usage capabilities to ensure the fit won’t loosen overtime. Available in different stylish mixed holographic-effect color selections such as purple-blue, pink-blue and orange-green.
  • Highly Portable
    Conveniently slim and compact to avoid any obstruction while charging or as you use your phone. It can stay perfectly to your cord so you can loop and store them anytime and anywhere without taking up too much space. It allows you to stash your cord neatly inside bags, pouches, pockets, and wallets while still remaining protective. Great whether you're at-home or out for work, business trip, vacation, travel, camping, and so on.   

  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality, thickened silicone material with remarkable elasticity, heat resistance, and durability. It can withstand endless bend, yanking, and such without deforming and damaging. What’s more? This 2-in-1 mobile cord protector can be confidently used with not a single harm to your chargers.


  • Material: Silicone
  • Size: 3x4cm
  • Color: Purple blue / Pink blue / Pink green / Orange green / Blue green


  • 1 x Holographic Cable Organizer & Protector

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