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Air Fryer Disposable Liners

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Air Fryer Disposable Liners

🔥Air fry your favorite food anytime while still keeping your appliance crystal clean 🌟 with these DISPOSABLE AIR FRYER LINERS! 🔥

These paper liners are designed in a round bowl shape with a heightened edge that fits perfectly inside any air fryer. Prevent your food from tearing and sticking messily from the sides and bottom of the appliance. It helps to make cleaning up a breeze while also extending your fryer’s life by saving it from constant harsh scrubbing. Try it for your fries, wings, fish, vegetables, beef, chicken, pastries, dumplings, onion rings, seafood, bread, and more possibilities.

The disposable liners can easily withstand great heat temperatures without burning or interfering with the steam circulation. Suitable for air fryers, microwave ovens, ovens, cookers, and steamers. Made of food-grade silicone paper that is safe to come in contact with any food. It does not leach any toxic chemicals that may impact the flavor of your meal or endanger your health.

Enjoy your meal without worrying about cleaning up after!


  • Air Fryer Paper Liners
    These paper liners keep food from sticking and leaving residues behind your fryer without hindering the steam circulation. Making cleaning up a breeze and effectively extending your appliance life by preventing it from constant scrubbing and scratching.

  • Great Heat Resistance
    The disposable air fryer liners can easily withstand high temperatures from up to an incredible 428°F without burning. Suitable for air fryers, microwave ovens, ovens, cookers, and steamers. It does not interfere with the food when it cooks and it also does not emit any harmful chemicals that might affect the taste. Providing you a mess-free balanced heating and perfect crispiness.

  • Pre-Cut Bowl Shape
    A nicely cut round bowl shape liners that fit perfectly into the bottom of your air fryer. Allowing it to be put directly inside the machine without the need to fold or cut to adjust. What’s more? These paper liners are designed with a heightened edge which helps to prevent your foods from splashing and sticking up to the sides.

  • Wide Application
    These innovative air fryer liners are applicable for frying, steaming, baking, roasting, and such. Suitable for fries, wings, vegetables, beef, chicken, pastries, dumplings, onion rings, seafood, bread, and more possibilities.

  • Premium Material
    Made of high-quality, food-grade silicone paper with great heat resistance and non-stick qualities. It is completely safe to contact with food as it does not leach any toxic or odor that may impact the flavor of your meal and health.


  • Material: Food-grade Silicone Paper 
  • Size: 16cm x 4.5cm (6.3" x 1.8")
    • 20/50/100/200PCS x Air Fryer Disposable Liners

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