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AEXZR™ 4-Pronged Hairstroke Brow Filling Pen

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AEXZR™ 4-Pronged Hairstroke Brow Filling Pen

Create flawless arches in seconds without the need to run to the salon with this 4-pronged hairstroke brow filling pen!

A clever brow pen designed with ultra-fine, 4-pronged nib that effectively fills arches with the perfect, natural hair stroke microblading effect. Featuring a nice liquid consistency and precision that lets you turn your bland, sparse brows into beautifully fuller, defined finish easily in a breeze. Making it the best beauty arsenal for beginners, professional makeup-artists, makeup enthusiasts, salon, ladies, and so on. Available in 4 realistic shades, including light brown, dark brown, gray, and black which can flatter and seamlessly blend on natural strands. No worries as all pigments can draw and fill in arches clearly without the need for multiple layering.  

This 4-pronged eyebrow pen adopts a long-wearing pigment which delivers a gorgeous, filled-in arches that can stay put for 24 hours. It also promotes waterproof formulation that can hold out against rain, sweat, facial sebum, and other liquids. Eliminating the risk of fading, smudging, and transferring even on the hottest of days, sudden weather changes or heavy workouts. What’s more? Formulated with fragrance-free, gentle ingredients that is safe for everyday usage without irritations or causing harm on eyebrows. 

Keep your brow dream come true and fluff them up with natural definition in just a stroke of this  4-pronged hairstroke brow filling pen!


  • Effortless Eyebrow Filling
    A unique 4-pronged, fork-tip eyebrow pen that lets you draw smoothly to fill in and shape arches with the most natural-looking, hairstroke inspired microblading effect. Allowing you to transform your bland, sparsing brows into a gorgeously fuller, well-defined arches that everybody dreamed of in just a few simple strokes. Moreover, its innovative 4-pronged pointed tips provides precise application each time which lets you line exactly where you need in a breeze. Making it an excellent beauty tool for creating facial symmetry and refined overall appearance that enhances your features more. Suitable for beginners, professional makeup-artists, makeup enthusiasts, salon, ladies, and so on.    

  • 24Hr Long-Wearing Pigment
    This innovative liquid brow pen promotes an incredible staying power that would leave you with having the perfect, filled-in eyebrows which won’t budge all day long. It comes with superior waterproof formulation that can withstand rain, sweat, facial sebum, and almost all liquids with no issues. Thus, providing you the best eyebrow arsenal that is resilient enough to stay put even on the hottest of days, sudden weather changes, and during heavy workouts. You can now flaunt that naturally-full and vibrant microblading brow strokes without the worries of fading, smudging, embarrassing leaking formula, and unsightly transferring.  

  • 4 Stunning Shades
    The long-lasting hair stroke eyebrow pen supplies 4 different natural shade selections to meet your arches needs. Available in colors light brown, dark brown, gray, and black which can fill-in brows with perfection and flatter all skin-tone. It features a liquid-based formula that lines with optimal consistency and an upgraded, ultra-fine fork shape nib built for precision. It enables you to create that realistic feathery hair-like strokes that fills seamlessly with your natural strands with so much ease. Furthermore, all 4 brow pen pigments offer a nicely-blend formulation that can smoothly glide and show clearly with the arches without the need for much layering. No worries as each shade can also confidently define brows and paint on obvious gaps without being too stark or overwhelming to look awkwardly unnatural. 

  • All-Natural Formulation
    Formulated with the highest-grade, skin-friendly ingredients and upgraded 4-pronged applicator tip that gives the best hair stroke arches. It is 100% safe for everyday use and gentle to all skin-types even for those with sensitive skin. This professional brow filling liquid pen is fragrance-free and it does not cause unwanted disruption to the hair growth that leads to breakage, fallouts, and thinning. Lastly, the liquid formula does not also easily dry off even after a long time of not using or causing bleeding after drops.


    • Color: Light Brown, Dark Brown, Gray, Black

    • Suggested Age: All Ages
    • Product Form: Pencil
    • Beauty Purpose: Filling
    • Net weight: .02 fl oz (US)


    • 1 x AEXZR™ 4-Pronged Hairstroke Brow Filling Pen

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